iCleaners - The Mobile Cleaners

iCleaners takes professional garment care service very seriously. But it is often misunderstood and confused with 'Wash', or 'Laundry'. The main difference is the degree of training complexity based on the tools and resources required for the job. The professional garment care service utilizes hazardous chemicals for cleaning processes and removes stubborn stains regulated by government agencies. Professional garment care also requires personal attention for each items to evaluate and assume the risk of damages such as color loss and shape distortion.
Most professional garment care facilities are focused on Dry cleaning machinery because they are accustomed to follow Dry Clean Only care labels and process up to 90% of work with synthetic solvent for easiness and legal protection from practicing against manufacturer directions. But Cleanique is more centered to Wet cleaning machinery and designed to process by H2O as much as possible based on our expert knowledge. Momentarily, we can process up to 80% of Dry Clean only garments with H2O Wet cleaning method without any difficulties, while 15% require more attention for optimal result but 5% is excluded for Dry cleaning.
iCleaners devoted the last 10 years for a solution to the inevitable co-sharing water during Wet cleaning to prohibit cross contact among multiple peoples’ garments during the cleaning process (including any remaining food, blood and/or sweat particles that maybe left on their clothing before and after filtration) and finally developed an innovative Micro Method Wet cleaning called Green Process. 
Green Process uses a 30-pound capacity cleaning machine, which means lowering requirement per load to 10 to 15 pieces. We use bacteria growth controlled detergent and conditioner then hang dried to avoid any cross contact. 5% garments which cannot be Wet cleaned will be Dry cleaned as a rare exception. Green process (a Micro Wet Cleaning Method) is defined as the ultimate hygienic garment caring because it never shares fluid with another customer’s. 
Finally we are able to process each customers’ orders separately in the history of garment care industry. Green Process benefits your garments by never coming into contact with anyone else’s during the cleaning process! We also treat clothes with a specially formulated antimicrobial solution that can minimize the growth of microorganisms. Simply put, Green Process is the safest, cleanest and most hygienic process ever. Most of all, you never need to worry about cross contact of any particles with other customers’. 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Solvent & odor free
  • Natural
  • Hygienic
  • Gentle on clothes & skin
  • Color safe
  • Whiter whites
  • Softer clothes
  • Tough on organic stains
Green Process service is given to all iCleaners customers without surcharge but a minimum of $60 per order is required.
It is our goal for our customers to feel comfortable and confident when they leave their garments in our care, so we are happy to omit our 'Wet' cleaning method when requested and only use our 'Dry' cleaning process. That is Eco Smart!