Infinity Cleaners Dry Cleaning Delivery is your easiest solution for taking care of all your dry cleaning and laundry

needs without ever having to take your clothes further than your front door. Our on-demand order process lets

you schedule your pick-up and delivery on any weekday evening that works best for you.


Easy as 1-2-3

1.     Schedule an order within your desired day and time window.

2.     Put your items in the Infinity Cleaners bags that we provide (or your own bags for first time customers.)

3.     Place your bags on your doorstep knowing that a courteous Infinity Cleaners driver will arrive promptly during your

       requested timeframe to pick-up your order.

DONE!--Our resident experts will take the utmost care of your belongings and a driver will deliver your completed order

   back to you promptly during your requested delivery timeframe.


Relax! We´ve taken the chore out of dry cleaning and laundry... and a whole lot more!


Quality...Convenience...Care for the Environment...Great Prices!   Welcome to Infinity Cleaners.

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